Powered by Vision Ltd (PBV) work closely with clients to ensure they thrive through the good times and the bad. During covid we have enabled many hundreds of people to be fully productive from home and those in-the-field have minimal need to be distracted as they work. Smart device signatures by photo, voice command progress reporting, no-touch door entry, making 3d printed shields and frameless 3rd World shields. PBV have many years experience: they develop solutions on the cloud with clients, supply applications that save time, make tasks easier, enable new ways of working and promote more efficient working. PBV help you build your business up and see through the fog of today’s mountains of data to make rock solid decisions. Through intuitive, secure application design and elegant integration PBV ensure you are using the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Consulting Specialists PBV also offer business support services that help you change your business, consolidate strengths, eliminate weakness, find new opportunities and keep threats at bay. This can be by finding new financing, due diligence processes to see what you that might present new opportunities and simply auditing the way you do things now looking for ways to be better at what you do.

PBV help you relax as you run your business by:

  • Providing clear information quickly and simply
  • Enabling your team to work better together
  • Raising the maturity of your business making it more robust to market changes
  • Building sustainably
  • Building respect

PBV select clients to build symbiosis – some running multi-million pound businesses and some just starting out relying on our services and software.Clients all have the same ethos of valuing staff, rewarding fairly and protecting the planet.