Advanced Hosting

Using the latest multi-processor hardware with full RAM banks and fast, high MTBF drives your servers are ready to deliver best-in-class service over the highest bandwidth network backbone available. You get the option of managed servers where we do all the techie work or you can have management panels yourself and operate at the heart of your server yourself. Our service monitoring not only gives 24/7 advice of a problem it also allows us to provide best-in-class fail-over services to take over when things go wrong.

The complete service is for us to advise on domain names to use, register and configure your chosen domain names, DNS, email and server preparation for your web-presence. Of course you can do as much or as little as you want or simply ask us for help when you get stuck. The transfer costs to host with us are minimal and sometimes free – just ask. We support all types of web-site hosting for all sorts of people and businesses. While keeping costs down to near our competitor’s ‘sale’/’promotional’ levels and service response higher than most even dream of, we aim to build a strong relationship and trust with all our clients.