Designer Club

If you want to be Powered by Vision why don’t you give us a call and have a chat. There is no membership fee, no meetings to attend and no pesky email Newsletter. All we ask is you host with us and we will give you support and advice IF YOU ASK. We give you the promise we won’t contact your customers nor will we contact you except on hosting issues.  Refreshing isn’t it!

Benefit to us: – We get hosting we would not otherwise get

Benefit to you: – We are Hosting experts first – if you have a problem you talk to us direct 24/7.

Optional Benefit to you: If things get too technical or you don’t  know how to supply what the clients ask, you can just say yes you can do it – then talk to us about how to do it and what it would cost.  We charge you a flat rate for this service if used so you know where you are.  The customer never sees us in the loop and you look brilliant!!

What does it cover?  Everything we offer ourselves – from Cloud to VOIP and Network Security.