Simple to use interfaces with all the familiar functions you would expect from a top Marketing package built into one on-line secure system. ‘1Planner’ marketing module integrates with the rest of the Cloud suite and is customisable to many popular contact and communications packages such as email, VOIP, Act and SugarCRM if you wish to retain or benefit from existing technology and data. Everything from product management, brochure control, mailshots, CRM, Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Targeting, Pricing, Distribution, What-if and Performance Tracking can be done in one place.

The Cloud solution means your staff login once and gain access to all their authorised data and functions using any client device with a suitable web-browser and Internet connection – anywhere in the World. The device can be an Android phone, iPhone or netbook, it does not matter. Some clients use it from home to catch-up and some collect data from executives in other countries. No need for expensive special processes and postage it is all real-time, stored and backed up in one place.

One-size does not fit all and we work with you to adjust look, functions and reports to meet your specific needs – no out-sourced consultants, we look after all your needs.