Business Continuity & Support

When things go wrong you want to know your business investment is as safe as it can be. From top to bottom we help you consider all the scenarios where you might not be able to trade as usual -staff sickness, power failure, flood, epidemic, war etc…  and plan what is the best way to protect what you have, plus, if possible, continue to trade and operate your business. Of course ‘Cloud’ services are available wherever there is Internet and a suitable computer connected, so using our web-applications, 1Planner and VOIP phone services mean you have access to your business admin and phone system even if your office is not available; you just need to plan for it happening.

24/7 Support and 30min on-site response time Service Level Agreements negotiable on request – just call or contact us with what you need.

Training on all aspects of computing and our products and/or brochures available on request.

The following areas and technologies are supported plus many many more:

Microsoft: Operating Systems, Windows, XP, 7, Vista, 98, Office, MSO, MSOffice, Professional, Basic, Small Business Edition, SBE 2003, 2007, 2010, Outlook, Word, .doc, .docx, Excel, .xls, powerpoint, .ppt, .pps, Access, SQL, SQLServer, MSSQL, Money, QuickBooks, Quicken, Visio, VisioPro, Sharepoint, Windows Server, Domain Controller, LDAP, Exchange Server,

Linux: Operating Systems, Red Hat, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Programs, Apache, Perl, PHP, Ajax, CSS, HTML, PHTML, XHTML,

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer

Applications: LibreOffice, Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Lightning, Gimp,

Unix: Operating Systems, SUN, Solaris, IBM, HP,

Apple: MAC, OSX, iPhone, iPad,

All tradenames accepted.