Being a web-designer is often a lonely place with little support you can trust and a constant threat of clients going to someone else.

Now you can stay on top of those clients by working with us for your hosting. No matter what you currently use we can offer the same thing, faster on our servers at our price points and usually less than your existing host.

The services we offer you in return are:

  1. Friendly fellow Engineers and Designers instantly part of your team
  2. No pesky pushy stuff from us – if you need help you just have to ask
  3. No competition – we guarantee not to contact your client – they are yours and we want it to stay that way
  4. Hosting support – we help you get names registered, DNS pointed, email routed and the site working
  5. Add-Ons – we help you get your add ons going*
  6. Databases – we help you  work with databases*
  7. CMS – we provide Vision Wizard or Worpress themes tailored to your needs*
  8. Portals and Security – we help you deliver additional services*
  9. Cloud – we help you integrate our Cloud applications*

* flat rate hourly fee applies for this support. Cloud products require specialised hosting plans at extra cost per month.